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We at The Good Stuff Coffee House are in the process of building a community that revolves around the very core roots of our rich Middle Eastern and Indian roots. We are not just a digital entity but are physcially present in Surat, GJ, India with a widespread of 4 outlets. We began our journery in 2014 in the Middle East and build our space in 2016 in Surat.

Recommended Items

250 ₹

Chicken Salami Croissant

200 ₹

Coffee Lemonade

350 ₹

Vimto Espresso Tonic

350 ₹

Chocolate Matcha Latte


we are already at 3 places in surat!
Vesu, Surat.
CityLight Road, Surat.
Katargam, Surat.

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